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When I order food such as pizza, should I call the names of cheese just with its unique noun, or do they come with "cheese" after that, or does it depend on each cheese and/or the context?

I think I hear Mozzarella used by itself a lot for the menu such as "Green Salad With Mozzarella and Tomatoes" but not sure if there are rules as to <when/which cheese> it should be called with our without "cheese."

"Cheddar" or "Cheddar cheese"
"Mozzarella" or "Mozzarella cheese"
"Gorgonzola" or "Gorgonzola cheese"
"Parmesan" or "Parmesan cheese"

Thank you.
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    No need to add cheese in a pizza situation. You don't need to add it in any context where "cheese" is understood. If the name of the cheese is very unusual, it doesn't hurt to say "cheese," as it were. :)


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    At the risk of making matters more complicated, there are three types of cheese in this regard:
    1. Those with which the word "cheese" is always used: Swiss cheese, jack cheese, ...
    2. Those with which the word "cheese" is never used: brie, emmenthaler, ...
    3. Those with which the word "cheese" is optional: mozzarella, parmesan, ...
    Cheeses in the first category have names that can also mean other things. As for the second category versus the third: I don't know if there's any rule that explains why you can say "cheese" after muenster but not after brie.

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    I use "Swiss" as a standalone all the time, and have never before in my life either seen or heard the phrase "jack cheese"; it's invariably "Monterey Jack". (Wikipedia is aware of the truncation, so I assume it's a dialectical thing.)

    About the only cheese I would ever prefer to say "cheese" for is "American cheese", and even then only if cheese weren't the obvious context. Even the phrase "American or Swiss?" is probably about ten thousand times more likely to be heard in reference to types of cheese than to anything else.

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    I'd be unlikely to use the word cheese if I were to order a pizza in English (which I would never do: living where I do, there's no way I'd ever eat a pizza in any country but this!:D): I'd ask for a pizza with/without Mozzarella, Parmesan etc.
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