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    Another translation...thanks!

    haha..nange2alam kna..haha..lam mu ng bright child aq eh..haha..puro tawa..haha
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    Nangengealam means to concern oneself in another's business.

    "Haha, now you're intruding... you know I'm a bright child... all laughs... haha..."

    Tawa means 'laugh'. Puro means is an adjective characterizing something as purely full of something. Like for example,

    "Puro biro lang ang sinabi niya sa iyo."
    All that he said to you were purely jokes/all jokes/just jokes.

    Because the person speaking did not specify when they said puro tawa, it should mean that they were full of laughs. :)
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  3. mataripis

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    the correct form is "Mapakialam". others use pakialamero(hispanized).
  4. DotterKat Moderator

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    I would say nangangailam to mean meddling or intruding into somebody else's business, uninvited.
  5. Pretty_Gaella

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    Hello Everyone;)
    Nangengealam is the colloquial way of saying Pakikialam. From the word pakialam which means to meddle with.


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