nanindigang at natengga

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    Watching TFC news and they were talking about a bomb in the middle of EDSA under a bus that turned out to be trash (basura). The scroll at the bottom (sorry but I did not get the whole thing but did refer to 5 hours or limang oras.) But two words that I did not know were nanindigang at natengga.

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    Nanindigan comes from the root tindig (to stand) which as in English can be used figuratively as to stand one's ground. In the context of your word, nanindigang (nanindigan + linker -g), it most probably means to insist, contend or strongly maintain (a point of fact, assertion, claim, etc.) --- or to stand one's ground about the veracity or accuracy of one's statement.

    Uncle Dako, nanindigang basura lang ang bomba sa EDSA.
    Uncle Dako insists/contends/strongly maintains that the (reported) bomb in EDSA was only (discarded) trash.

    Natengga, depending on the context, can mean to stymie, obstruct, suspend, thwart, put on hold or otherwise put something or someone in an indefinite state ("in limbo").

    Natengga ang lakad namin dahil sa fake na bomba (pekeng bomba) sa EDSA.
    Our trip was put on hold because of the fake bomb at EDSA.

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