Nantissement sur le fond de commerce

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    Hello all,
    I am new around here but I really need help. I am translating an agreement from French to English and have a problem with the sentence below, and especially with the word "Nantissement".

    X a demandé qu’en vue de garantir l’opération, il lui soit consenti un nantissement sur le fonds de commerce du Concédant et, Y a accepté de se porter caution solidaire de Z

    Merci d'avance pr votre aide!
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    nantissement => [Droit] pledge, charge; [vieilli] chattel mortgage;also: the document giving effect to the pledge (similar to a "deed of pledge")

    ...that he be given/granted a floating charge on the [net assets of the] the Licensor's business, and Y has agreed to guarantee Z's obligations jointly and severally with Z.

    ....and Y has agreed to stand guarantor in solidum for Z's debts.
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