narbendurchfurchtes Leder

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    I'm not sure if I understood the above-mentioned expressions correctly. I suppose that < ... > "narbendurchfurchtes Leder" is worn-out leather, however I am not sure. Duden has not helped me.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    English but my first language was German
    < ... > You'll have to tell us more about the leather. It might be leather made from skin that had scar tissue depressions running through it, or the furrows might have been the result of knocking about after the leather was made.
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    Exgerman, thank you for the answer.

    "Die Männer tragen Bärte bis zu den Knien runter (was sich gewaltiger anhört als es ist, weil wir es hier mit einer kurz gewachsenen, eher breiten Rasse zu tun haben), darüber haben sie plattgekloppte Hüte oder Kappen aus braunem, narbendurchfurchtem Leder, ringsherum mit Wappen verziert. Die Stimmung ist sakral. Man wartet auf den nächsten Jodler"

    Author describes the yodelling festival in Switzerland and his style is very ironic. That's why I supposed, that "narben" doesn't come from "die Narbung" as the way of preparing the leather and has rather negative connotation. Besides the above-mentioned expressions I am not sure, what does "Rasse" mean in this context.
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    There isn't anything ironic or negative about "narbendurchfurchtes Leder". It's simply "scarred leather".

    "Rasse" has no special connotation either. It's simply "race". He describes the people as "a short and rather stubby race". (With their beards they might look a bit like Tolkien's dwarfs.)
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    Thank you very much, you've helped me a lot.
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    Great job Resa

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