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    Excuse me, but is it just me, or is the author of this article suggesting that the Irish rugby players use illegal drugs?

    Have a look at the CONTEXT, guys. It talks about the rugby match between Italy and Ireland last Saturday the 16th of March, won of course by Italy, for the first time ever in the Six Nations competition:

    Esulta anche l’Italia. Ora nella collezione degliscalpi strappati nel 6 Nazioni manca solo l’inghilterra. Ict francese Jacques Brunel mette la firma sulla migliorstagione azzurra nel 6 Nazioni, che porta la squadra apiegare l’Irlanda dopo 15 anni abbondanti di attesa: neldicembre ’97 a guidare l’Italia che si preparava algrande salto era Georges Coste, altro prodotto delSud-Ovest ovale. Due vittorie come nel 2007 (semprecon ct francese, Pierre Berbizier), ma di altro spessore.Tutti felici: i 75.000 del nuovo record per un match del6 Nazioni, Andrea Lo Cicero che chiude la carriera con103 caps e sparge lacrime di fronte allo spontaneo homenaje dell’Olimpico, gli uomini inazzurro che rovinano san Patrizio a quelli in verde, inconcludenti, narcotizzati, spenti.
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    No, s/he is not. Did you look up narcotizzare in the WR dictionary? Here the meaning is numb, sedated.
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    Hi An!

    My suggestion is as follows:

    "inconcludente/i" = "ineffectual";

    "narcotizzato/i" = "narcotized or anaesthetized". In your context the adjective means "benumbed, numb".

    So, there are not any drug.

    "Spento/i" = "dull or lifeless".


  4. MR1492

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    Would this be using the "narco-" as meeting sleep (as in narcolepsy) rather than "narco-" meaning narcotics?
  5. CPA Senior Member

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    Don't know, Phil, but I read it as "half-asleep" or "dead on their feet". :D
  6. london calling Senior Member

    That's exactly what I thought: zombies!:D
  7. An Sionnach

    An Sionnach Senior Member

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    Grazie a tutti.

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