1. annesausalito New Member

    I'm translating an interview with a woman from the SETI (search for extra terrestrial intelligence), she's talking about narrowband signals, here is the context :
    "what we are looking for are signals that show up on just one channel of the radio dial, frequency compression, a very narrowband signal"

    I would translate the narrowband signal as "un signal qui se limite à une très petite portion du spectre radio"

    but again, it seems quite long... any idea?
  2. Lea_NewCaledonia Senior Member

    ...un signal sur un spectre radio(électrique) limité.
    ...un signal sur une étroite bande de fréquences.
  3. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    " la bande de fréquence voulue"
  4. annesausalito New Member

    Thank you !
  5. JeanDeSponde

    JeanDeSponde Senior Member

    France, Lyon area
    France, Français
    Narrow-band signal = signal à bande étroite
    Contraire de wideband / broadband signal.
    Le trait d'union est optionnel en anglais.

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