1. Why two different words for swimming? No comprendo por que. Alberto
  2. Hausa Senior Member

    Zürich, Switzerland
    Spanish - Spain
    Natación is a noun and nadar is a verb. Also natación has a slightly different meaning. It refers to the sport. So while one person might like swimming it does not mean this person practices "natación", as she/he might not be able to perform swimming in a sportive, competitive way.

    For instance: I would use the verb "nadar" for someone who never took swimming lessons but still is able to swim: "Va a la piscina a nadar" "le gusta nadar".

    On the other hand, someone that's taking swimming classes attends "clases de natación". Or you may say "me gusta la natación" meaning that you like the sport rather than swimming yourself (you could simple enjoy watching the competitions on tv).

    Hope this helps.
  3. Beceese Senior Member

    Español - España
    Natación is the name of the sport/activity, and nadar is the verb (to swim)
    If you say I like swimming there are two different meanings:
    Me gusta nadar - Yo do swim and like it
    Me gusta la natación - You like the sport, but you can like practising or watching it
    Hope it is clear for you
  4. Pauli_cl

    Pauli_cl Senior Member

    Chillán, Chile
    Castellano (Chile)
    Hola Washingtonmex:
    La natación es el nombre que recibe el deporte que consiste en nadar. Por ejemplo: I'm taking swimming lessons so I can learn how to swim butterfly style.
    Espero que esté bien mi ejemplo y te sirva.
  5. Gracias a Hausa y todos. What a clear and concise explanation! I am very grateful! Alberto

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