1. coquillage

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    Mexico City
    spanish (Mexico)
    I have zero experience in issues regarding conflict resolution, post-conflict national reconstruction and reconciliation. There are several things I think I understand but ignore the equivalent in spanish. Like this one: National Apology.

    I think of Pinochet, I thonk of the Holocaust, but I can not come with the equivalent in spanish. It isn't Disculpa Nacional or Disculpa a la Nación, is it? Sounds weird to me.

  2. apple123 Senior Member

    Podría se: Pide disculpas publicamente o pide disculpas a la nación...
  3. coquillage

    coquillage Senior Member

    Mexico City
    spanish (Mexico)
    ¡Gracias Apple 123!
    Bonito día
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    De nada.

    Cuidado con think, no me queda claro si es un error en presente o qué:
    Un saludo
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    Mira aquí. Saludos.

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