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Hi I am working on a file for Visit Britain website. What do they mean by the part in bold?

All eyes are on bump watch for the world’s most eagerly anticipated baby this summer. In true British-style, fellow mothers-to-be can also be guaranteed the royal treatment, at luxury five-star boutique property, St James’s Hotel & Club. Set to launch a regal baby shower package - The Royal Bundle, the hotel is offering their very own national seal of approval on a customary American tradition.


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    The Royal Bundle is the name they have given to the regal baby shower package. The customary American tradition refers to the baby shower.


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    A baby shower is a specifically American custom, discussed here: a baby shower and a wedding shower

    By offering a 'baby shower package', the fancy British hotel is showing its approval of this American custom, the hotel's "very own national seal of approval."

    The title "The Royal Bundle" alludes to "a bundle of joy", a customary and sentimental way to refer to babies, especially expected and newborn babies.

    (A "customary tradition" is redundant. This should not be taken as a model for your own writing.)



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    = The hotel is ready to commence offering [to pregnant women the opportunity to have] a “royal1” celebration of the forthcoming birth of their child; this deal is called The Royal Bundle. The hotel is offering its own approval2 of the custom that is usually an American, and not a British, tradition.

    1 “royal” = (i) sumptuous (ii) associated with royalty.
    2 national seal of approval = as if St James Hotel were so important and wonderful that it represented a nation and approved something on behalf of the UK.


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    All this promotional to-do is of course dreamed up to take advantage of the hot news of the expected birth (in a month or so, I gather) of a future heir to the throne.


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    Better punctuation might have helped slightly in the understanding:

    Set to launch a regal baby shower package – The Royal Bundle – the hotel is offering their very own British seal of approval on an American tradition.