nationalizing income support

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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

The New Deal, added Marshall, “expanded the scope of federal power dramatically, by launching huge public works and relief programs; regulating prices and wages; nationalizing income support and labor protections; establishing Social Security; and multiplying federal agencies staffed by a new breed of college-educated technocrats. Washing-ton also replaced laissez-faire with Keynesian spending designed to manage the business cycle.”

What does "nationalizing" mean here? If income support was some kind of help/aid program provided to people, weren't those program always provided by the government o the federal or state level?

Thank you.
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    Nationalizing here means adding it to federal government responsibility, i.e. the government that encompasses the entire nation.

    It's not the same meaning of nationalizing used to describe when a government takes over a private business against that business's will.
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