Native corporation lands to the south


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Hi all;

What does "lands to" means in this context?

The major external influences on most sides of this roadless area are ongoing timber management and development. Native corporation lands to the south, and National Forest System lands to the north have been extensively developed.

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Tongass National Forest (N.F.), Land Management Plan Revision
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    You are incorrectly dividing the sentence : the “to” goes with “the north”/“the south”.
    “Lands” here means areas of land.


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    Does it mean: (exactly)

    Native corporation lands located in the south
    Native corporation lands lying towards the south


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    The lands to the north are located north of the reference point.

    Usually, and specifically in the context you provided, the lands referred to are relatively close to the reference point.

    Native corporation lands lying towards the south :tick:
    ...but I stress south of the reference point, NOT necessarily in the south of country.
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