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Please read the following lines:

“Here’s the man with the patter,
Here to spin the platter,
Why, it doesn’t matter,
’Cause the world is getting fatter.
I’m the man with the tune
That’ll take you to the moon,
That’ll make your poor heart swoon,
I’ll hold you like a spoon.
I’m the man with the jive …”

Byron chirped up, “Ain’t that the whole natural truth?” but Dad didn’t miss a beat.

“… Put your love thing in drive,
Bring your little world alive …”

What`s the meaning of the Bold part? Byron says this in response to what his father sings.
Thank you.
  • mehrk

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    Literally, it means 'Isn't that absolutely true?', but it's rhetorical: Byron's saying 'That's absolutely true.'
    According to you we can rephrase it like this: "Byron chirped up, “That`s absolutely true.” but Dad didn’t miss a beat."

    I think the "but" after "that`s absolutely true" makes the sentence irrational. The protagonist says "but Dad didn`t miss a beat." It seems the protagonist expected Dad to stop singing after what Byron says. But why Dad should stop singing when Byron says that sentence?!

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    It's difficult to be sure about that.

    Dad didn't miss a beat: he carried on singing, but in spite of what? In spite of the particular words that Byron used, or only in spite of being interrupted? I see nothing in the text to indicate that the protagonist expected Dad to stop singing because of Byron's remark.
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