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"This is in part a response to the diverse and embedded nature of the audiences, who come to television with all sorts of prior knowledges, experiences, identities and political investments, it is also a consequence of the particular generic and discursive structure of television news. These are patterns which naturalize what are highly structured version of reality, in which a hierarchy of voices, sources and discourses appear as natural, as commonsensical: as 'what is'" (Matt Briggs "Television, audiences and everyday life")

I guess naturalize means here 'to adapt, cause to appear natural' so these patterns [generic and discursive structure of television news] cause the version of reality to appear natural and in these patterns a hierarchy of voices, sources and discourses appear as natural.... I've got the impression that something is wrong with this sentence.
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    I think the sentence is OK. It is rather abstract, but the syntax works.

    You seem to understand the general idea. What we see on television is actually highly structured, but it is made to seem "natural". One of the things that is made to seem "natural" is the way some sources, people, and points of view are treated as more important or authoritative than others (= the hierarchy of voices, etc.).
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