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    What does "Nature of business" actually mean? Once I worked as a volunteer for public education for environmental protection knowledge.
    (1) Can I describe the "Nature of business" as "volunteer service"?
    (2) If I just describe my responsibility as "public education for environmental protection", does it sound strange?

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    The nature of the business is what they do. Here are a couple of made-up examples:

    Company: Acme Steelworks
    Nature of Business: Producing steel pipes for irrigation projects
    Job Description: Manager, Production Line

    Company: EviroTech
    Nature of Business: Community Education on Environmental Concerns, focusing on water and air quality
    Job Description: Instructor for water-quality program
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    I have no idea what nature of business means without the context it is in, but it probably means what your roles/responsibilities were.
    "Public education for environmental protection" means you educated the public so that the environment would be protected, which may or may not be true. You probably mean "public education of environmental protection (procedures, methods)."
  4. jia11 Member

    We just told people in the community what they should do to protect environment in everyday life.

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