nature of the beast

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Mohammad Ali1

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Eventually, we’ll need to start discovering again, to invent new ways of speaking to
our audiences, and to keep listening for what’s next. It’s the nature of the beast. Art is
commentary, a vision of some aspect of life reflected back to our heart, and it needs to
keep reinventing itself to keep speaking to us.
How to be an artist without losing our mind....
What does"It’s the nature of the beast" mean here?
  • natkretep

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    Yes, beast there just means 'thing'. Beast | Definition of Beast by Oxford Dictionary on also meaning of Beast
    1.6 informal with adjective A thing possessing a specified quality.
    that much-maligned beast, the rave record’
    He still had a mysterious air about him and I was afraid of the possessive beast that lurked just below the surface.’
    ‘Unknown to the vast majority of urban-dwelling Scots, this magnificent beast is the subject of one of the most bitter controversies ever to affect wildlife in this country.’


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    It’s (or that's) the nature of the beast.

    That's the standard format in U.S. English, in my experience.

    In this excerpt it means "That's what art is like" and it refers to what was said in the previous sentence and what will be said in the following sentences.
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