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  1. izabeau New Member

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    Christmas phrase...santa keeps a list of naughty and a list of nice children...only the nice kids get presents.
    The naughty kids might get a lump of coal.
    In this context, what is the best romanian translation of

    lump of coal
  2. farscape mod-errare humanum est

    Ottawa, Canada
    naughty -> obraznic, neascultător (boy) obraznică, neascultătore (girl) & obraznici, neascultători (children)
    nice -> cuminte, ascultător (boy) ascultătoare (girl), cuminți, ascultători (children)
    lump of coal -> bucată de cărbune

  3. misadro

    misadro Senior Member

    nice children / naughty children ... copiii buni / copiii răi
    a lump of coal ... un cărbune (it is a countable noun in Romanian)

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