navet (mauvais film)

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    Hello, un navet est simplement un mauvais film. It doesn't refer to its box-office success or failure, but to qualiity. Some people also use 'nanar' (c'est vraiment un nanar grotesque).


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    Hmmm. To me a flop is a film that was not a success at the box office, whereas a turkey is a very bad film. A film like Ni d'Eve ni d'Adam was a flop because it made no money (and no one's ever heard of it), but I thought it was a good film. Something like Independence Day, however, made a fortune, but I'd call it one of the biggest turkeys ever made.


    I've never heard of a "turkey" in the U.S., just "flop" or "bomb," both of which imply box office failures more than the movie itself.
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