navigate to it (the new folder) in MATLAB


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Hi, all. I need help but because I am not a native english speaker I do not understand. Can you explain me steps for this sentence."Close all other GUI tools and GUIDE. Make a new folder in your MATLAB folder called SliderTool and navigate to it in MATLAB so it becomes the current folder."

I can not understand how I will navigate to it in matlab.

Thank you.
  • entangledbank

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    It doesn't actually say how to navigate to it. 'Navigate' is vague. I suppose they think that, if you're using MATLAB, you know how to go to a new folder. I don't know MATLAB, but it's probably like many other applications in this way: in WordPad or Notepad or other editors, when you open it, it starts in whichever directory you used last time. So if you want to save in a different place, you change the directory as part of the 'save' dialogue box. Next time you open the program, it starts there: 'save' will automatically save there. (It's now your current folder.) That's what the vague word 'navigate' suggests to me.
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