navigating the best way to accomplish even the easiest tasks

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What does the sentence in bold type mean?

First off, everyone needs structure. <-----Excess quote removed by moderator (Florentia52)-----> Structure is what lets us focus on our work, rather than navigating the best way to accomplish even the easiest tasks. The path from beginning to end needs to be well-tread and obvious. Your team should not battle a non-existent system.


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    Hello sl, "navigating" sounds a bit pretentious here, but it's not wrong. The writer seems to be saying that if the work - whatever that is, though it seems to be a team effort - is to be done properly, the methods, ways or paths of doing it have to be structured, established, set out beforehand so that the team effort can focus on achieving the result, and not be distracted by having to work out how to achieve that result, especially when the path to achieving the result involves very easy tasks. In fact the meaning of that sentence is summed up far better in the sentence that follows, beginning "the path from beginning ....."

    But I have to say it sounds like woolly management-speak to me. Why say something in 10 words when you can be paid to say it in 100? ;)

    And there's a mistake: "well-tread" :cross:. The verb is tread/trod/(BE)trodden, so the path needs to be (BE) well trodden (no hyphen between the two words either). However, I think "trod" as the past participle is used in AE.
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