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  1. Marcewa Senior Member

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    Hi all,

    Could you tell me how "nazeggen" is used in Dutch?

    For example, how would you say "could you repeat please?".

    Kunt U nazeggen aub?

    I cannot find this sentence on the internet, so I suppose it is wrong...

    Could you help me with this?

  2. Lopes

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    Dutch (Amsterdam)
    Well, that depends. Nazeggen means repeating what someone else says. If you don't understand what someone has said, you can say 'kunt u dat herhalen?'. If you really want that someone repeats what you are saying, you can use 'zegt u mij na'. So it depends on the context.
  3. Marcewa Senior Member

    France / French
    Ok, thanks a lot :)

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