ne avrei avuto tanto bisogno


Buongiorno. Come posso scrivere in Inglese:

-ne avrei avuto tanto bisogno!!..-

-I would have had need of this....

Non so, mi sembra che non vada bene..
Grazie mille a tutti.
  • Ciao Chiara

    Forse: I could have really done with that!

    Puoi dare un o due esempi con contesto? Poi potremmo confermare quale è la frase giusta.

    Certamente! La frase completa è la seguente:

    -Speravo che tu mi chiamassi o mi scrivessi in questi giorni (ne avrei avuto tanto bisogno!).....

    -I hoped that you would call me or write to me in these days, (I would have had need so much of this!!)....
    I needed it so bad? :tick:

    I needed it so bad is good colloquial English, but it's less used because it has a much stronger feel to it.

    I've been thinking about when it would be used, and I reckon that taken literally it would be appropriate for a drug user talking about a late fix... Of course, it's frequently used ironically, for example when you finally get a beer on a hot day and in similar situations when you want to exaggerate your need. For an emotional statement like the example given though, you probably wouldn't want to exaggerate your need. But I can well believe I needed it so bad would translate ne avrei avuto tanto bisogno in many situations.

    Scusate, ma il simple past e il past participle di "need" non è "ned"?
    E' lo stesso che dire "needed" o c'è qualche differenza?

    Grazie in anticipo!
    I think the "could have" (done with it/used it) is important, because "I needed it" can mean "ne avevo tanto bisogno" and it's not clear whether it happened or not.
    We don't have any context so we don't know what chiara really needed, but it was probably some emotional support. Also I think we're more than likely to email than write nowadays. A loose translation might be:

    I was hoping you would call or email me in the last few days. I really needed some emotional support.