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  1. sufler Senior Member

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    I have a simple question.
    Is "ne demek" always translated as "what does it mean?"
    or can it be also used in a situation when a word has more than one meaning and you want a person to precise, like "what do you mean by .. ?"

    For example, if someone says:
    sünnet ne demek? - does it mean that they don't know at all what 'sünnet' is or they go like "which meaning of sünnet do you think of?"
    (because the word is quite ambiguous as I found out recently ;) )
  2. ancalimon Senior Member

    sünnet ne demek? : what does sünnet mean? : the person does not know the meaning of sünnet.
  3. shafaq Senior Member

    According the context and stuation "ne demek ?" may have at least four different meanings.
    1-Your first assumption" what does it mean?".
    2-Sometimes your second assumption "what do you mean by ...".
    3-Within an ongoing conversation it may mean "not only that; even there is more/worse than it".Here is an example:

    -Seni sünnet etmek mi istedi?
    -Sünnet ne demek..! Öldürmek istedi....

    4- In an ongoing quarrel it may mean "how on earth you make/want that!"

    -Sünnet olmak istiyorum !

    -Sünnet ne demek (ulan)!="how on earth you make/want that!" .
  4. sufler Senior Member

    Polish - Poland
    Yeah, I supposed it can be used as "what do you mean by... " because I got exactly such phrase sünnet ne demek? as a reply from a religious muslim after I told them I had attended a university lecture about "Sünnet" and I very liked it :) I can't believe that person didn't know what Sünnet is if they are a muslim.
  5. FlyingBird Senior Member

    more examples, hope it can help :)

    çocuk: Yaa anne, yarın okula gitmek istemiyorum.
    Anne: istemiyorum ne demek, gideceksin.

    speaker1: yardım ettiğiniz için teşekkür ederim.
    speaker2: ne demek.
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  6. shafaq Senior Member

    Yeeess! That is fifth different usage of it. It means "not at all!, you're welcome!, don't mention it!".

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