ne jamais rien tenir pour acquis à l'accusation


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I'm struggling to untangle this phrase. It is advice from an old lawyer to an apprentice and he's describing what a lawyer's role is.

He says: La défense c'est de ne jamais céder une pouce de terrain à l'adversaire, ne jamais rien tenir pour acquis à l'accusation...

It's the "à l'accusation" that I'm not sure of. Does it mean "never taking anything for granted in terms of the prosecution"?

Thanks for your advice!

  • Novanas

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    To me it suggests "never to concede a point to the prosecution" or "never let it appear that the prosecution has scored a point." But perhaps a native will confirm that (or not).

    Pierre Simon

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    Hullo Staticmouse,

    It's probably far too late :(, but I would suggest : "...never letting the prosecution take anything for granted..."
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