ne pas être trop de [nombre] pour


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Qu'est-ce que ca veut dire?

Context: Par exemple: trois homme aller au chasser un gros ours et dit "[...]trop de trois pour[...]"

Does it mean that 3 are enough, and anything lesser would be insufficient? Is this a common expression? Can you say "trop de quatre" for instance.
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    "Nous ne serons pas trop de 3" means, in a nutshell: "3 are welcomed, at least", "It would be better if we could be 3 persons to do that thing, at least". In French, I think this is qualified as a "litote" (understatement […]), namely to express that "It would be better if were more than 3". It can of course be used with other numbers.
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    On top of what has been said, you can find translations in the dictionary:
    ne pas être de trop - traduction - Dictionnaire Français-Anglais
    ne pas être trop de deux loc v (être bien occupés même à deux) (informal)have your work cut out for you, even with two v expr
    (impersonal construction)be a lot of work, even for two; be a lot of work, even for two people v expr
    Nous ne serons pas trop de deux pour ranger tout ce bois.

    It is quite the same except that the task is even more difficult and therefore requires not only 2 people, but 3 people.

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    The task is difficult enough to require 3 men.
    Ne seront pas de trop : you'd need no less than...
    I don't fully agree. There is no absolute requirement here. It may still be possible to achieve the intended action with fewer people. The French only suggests the task at hand is quite difficult or cumbersome and it would have been even more difficult with fewer people.

    As suggested by Yendred, it is indeed a common expression. You may use it with any number as long as the number is not huge. You may even use it without a number: Nous ne serons pas de trop pour…