Ne répondez pas tous en même temps

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  1. vanagreg Senior Member

    France, French

    in French when we ask the audience a question and don't get any answer we can say ironically:

    "(Ne répondez) pas tous en même temps"

    I was wondering what you say in English, keeping the same ironic way.

    I don't think a literal translation such as "Not all together please" works, does it?
  2. constantlyconfused

    constantlyconfused Senior Member

    English - British
    It does, but you can translate it literally and keep the irony.

    "Please don't all answer at the same time"

    Maybe "One at a time, please" has a bit more humour to it.
  3. vanagreg Senior Member

    France, French
    Thanks Constantlyconfused,

    these are great suggestions. There's some humour intended indeed.
  4. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

    USA English
    Agreed. I'd say don't all answer at once!
  5. Physics Guy Senior Member

    U.S. English
    The statement in AE when no one answers is:

    "Not everyone at once, please!"

    It usually gets a laugh and a response.
  6. vanagreg Senior Member

    France, French
    Thank you all. You've given me several good suggestions.

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