ne relève pas d'un acte

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"Le conflit colonial, affirme le Premier ministre, Lionel Jospin, ne relève pas d'un acte de repentance collective, ni de procédures judiciaires."

What would be the best English translation of "relever de"? Would "to call for" be an appropriate translation in this context?
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    "Le 25 novembre 2000, les députés communistes réclament une commission d’enquête sur les « tortures et les crimes contre l’humanité » perpétrés par la France en Algérie. Lionel Jospin, alors Premier ministre, considère que « le conflit colonial ne relève pas d’un acte de repentance collective, ni de procédures judiciaires »"

    "does not result from", is a possible translation supplied by Wordreference's dictionary, but in the full context it seems like it should translate as "does not call for." Is it that the prime minister is misusing the word?


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    misusing ? Lionel Jospin ? Are you kidding ?
    No, this french sentence is correct.

    En d'autres fermes, je dirais :

    A priori "call for" has a different meaning, it would have been translated as "ne requiert pas" or "n'exige pas". But "call for" is not so far of the true meaning, I feel.

    I have a problem with this sentence, because as you have noticed "acte de repentance" or "procédures judiciaires" are things that happen after "le conflit colonial".

    So you can't say "result from" ! I am thinking about replacing "ne relève pas" by "ne peut être réduit à ". So the colonial conflict can't be reduced neither to an act of collective repentance, nor to judiciary procedures.

    Can we see the other sentences or get a link with the full text ?
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