ne va pas sans poser problème

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The phrase ne vas pas sans poser problème is causing me some difficulty in the following context: Le rô va pas sans poser problème.

Literally, it seems to translate as "not going without to pose a problem." Putting that into everyday French, I assume it's something along the lines of "the role [of...] is not going to be without some problems". Does that capture the gist of the French?


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    It doesn't go smoothly/without any glitches.

    Don't think it's the future tense just because of 'va'. It's the present, meaning 'regularly', I suppose. Also, don't get caught up by the verb aller here. What would you say in English for the same idea?

    - The role (I assume, acting? A job role? - context!) isn't the smoothest of things to perform/play.

    - Don't think it's all fine and dandy, this role.

    It depends on so many factors: target audience, context, intent, etc...

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