Ne yap yap, ama icat yap evladım

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    Can someone help me with this phrase? I'm not sure of 'ne yap yap, ama icat yap evladim...but perhaps I could get a translation of the whole thing for context.

    Çocukları "Ne yap yap, ama icat yap evladım," diye büyütürsen, IQ'su normal herkes kendi kafasına göre "Çok parlak bir fikir buldum!" deyip o fikrinin patentini alır!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. jcpjcp Senior Member

    Ne yap yap: do all you can (idiom used in informal situations)
    icat yap: invent
    kafasına göre: according to his mind or to extent how clever he is

    if you bring up your children with the idea of "do all you can, but invent something, my son", to extent how clever they are, those whose IQ is normal, take out the patent of that idea, saying that I have found a great idea .

    it is a rather difficult translation. I hope it will make sense.
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    It does. Thanks very much for taking the time to help me.
  4. Reverence Senior Member

    That particular segment could be translated as, "Invent, my son, whatever it is you invent."

    - If you bring up the kids saying them "Invent, my son, whatever it is you invent," everybody with a moderate IQ level will think they have a brilliant idea and patent it.

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