Neapolitan: A da passà a nuttata


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Read this phrase on a blog: A da passà a nuttata
I think that it has something to do with the passing of nighttime, but I am confused by the conjugation of what I think is "passare."
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    It's not italian. It's neapolitan dialect.

    It's the title of a famous theatre comedy by Eduardo de Filippo.

    Buongiorno a tutti! :)

    Volevo solo precisare che non si tratta del titolo, ma di una frase della famosissima e bellissma commedia di Eduardo De Filippo "Napoli Milionaria".


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    Riprendo questo vecchio thread per dare un contributo alla traduzione che ho trovato in un interessante articolo online:

    How would you translate adda passa' 'a nuttata?

    At the ACT of San Francisco, where Napoli Milionaria is being currently performed by an excellent cast including Marco Barricelli and Serena McKenna, on a translation by skilled translator Beatrice Basso, they choose to translate it into "the night has to go by". Since then a number of Italians living in San Francisco have offered their own translation:

    Let's wait for the night to go by

    The night must pass

    Let's wait for the night to pass

    The night shall pass

    This night must pass

    And some more. The issue may seem superfluous to Italians and Neapolitans living in Italy, but for the members of the Italian, and Neapolitan community living in San Francisco, it is not small thing. In effect the phrase reflects Neapolitan's outlook on life and ultimately Eduardo's take on a city and country suffering the scars of war and facing the challenge of rebuilding itself. [...]
    How would you translate adda passa' 'a nuttata?