Neapolitan: gemination with words that begin with consonant clusters


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Hello everyone. I read here (Neapolitan/Doubling - Wikibooks, open books for an open world) that gemination occurs at the beginning of words in a number of circumstances, including when the word follows the plural feminine definite article. I was wondering if this happens when the word begins with a consonant cluster. For example, is the 'the stars' in Neapolitan 'e sstelle or 'e stelle. If it's the former, how is it realised? Trying to pronounce both myself I can't detect any difference.

Thanks muchly for any help :)
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    Hi, I just saw your question.
    'e sstelle and 'e stelle make no difference in pronunciation. However, I am quite sure the second option is the correct one (I say 'quite sure' because writing in Neapolitan is incredibly difficult and not many Neapolitan speakers can write it, as we mainly use it orally - and no one actually know its rules, so theoretically 'e stelle is correct, but some people may write 'e sstelle).

    Gemination after the plural feminine definite articole never occurs if the word begins with:
    S+consonant (stelle)