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Neapoilitan (Naples) / Italian (Italy)
Hello, I'm a lot unsure about the category but I will try here. I was listening a Neapolitan-American song from 1928(1929 called "Anno viecchio e Anno nuovo" (Which mean "Old years and new years") and in this song the singer said that for the new years (1929) everything will change, and listening what will change he say (I'm unsure about the orthography:
"'e munnesciaine nun saranno cchiù arristate"
which mean "The "munnesciaine" will not be arrested anymore "
This "munnesciaine" is surely a compost english word that has been Neapolitanized, but I've no idea about the meaning, surely following the phonology sciane could stand for something like "shine,shined or shiner" or something similar, while munne could stand for a lot of things, the most probables are "man,moon,or similar. But all the possible solution makes no sense to me, here all combination:

I hope really that someone could help me, I've been racking my brains all this days in the hope to find the meaning.
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    Neapoilitan (Naples) / Italian (Italy)
    Oh, thank you very much. It make sense, considering another part of the song and the historical period.
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