Neapolitan: Statte chiuse si Muss de scinnia, ca n'atr accum a mi glie che trov n'fregna

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Hello everyone,

(I don't even know if it is acceptable to make this type of request here on WR....)

I am inquiring about this phrase on behalf of a friend. She thinks it might be Napoletano or Romano -- it appears to me to be some dialect from the south but I am not able to figure out from where or what it might mean, having scarse knowledge myself. It appears to have a vulgar tone to it (and I could be wrong??) The person who she received it from is Roman but she doesn't understand the Roman dialect.

"Statte chiuse si Muss de scinnia, ca n'atr accum mi figlie che trovava n'fregna"

I cannot even attempt a translation of my own and my attempts at finding the meanings of the words individually is fruitless. Something about a monkey face? figlie = children? "Statte chiuse" would be :warning: "Shut up"?

Really, I have no idea and am grateful (as is my friend!) for any help....

Thanks so much for any illumination....

(PS I realize I should have perhaps put that whole phrase in the title but I don't know how to go back in and fix it -- sorry Mods....)

Hi again --
I just realized there was a bit too much help from auto-spell when I tried to write this phrase. It should read:

"Statte chiuse si Muss de scinnia, ca n'atr accum a mi glie che trov n'fregna"

Sorry for the mix-up :(

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  • giginho

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    Hi WWW,

    First of all, I'm from Torino so I'm not so skilled in southern dialects but I can try a translation.
    The meaning is not polite and I think who spoke this deserve some serious kick in the ass.

    "statte chiuse si muss de scinnia" I guess stands for "tieni chiuso quel muso di scimmia"
    ca n'a(u)tr accum mie = che un altro come me
    che trov n'fregna = che trova una :warn: figa

    The sentence seems to be incomplete....but I really think you do not need to go for the rest


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    Thank you giginho. (My friend is also in Torino, hence her confusion :()

    OK, it's as low-brow as I thought. (Very disappointing text from someone she was dating. I think the kick would be better placed elsewhere :eek:;))
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