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Hello everyone, listening to the song 'O surdato 'nnammurato I come across the lines:

Ma, scetánnome 'a sti suonne,
me faje chiagnere pe' te

The word which stumps here is scetánnome - looking around on the internet it seems to mean 'waking up' (thus Italian svegliandomi), implying the base verb scetá 'to wake (someone) up'. Is this correct? If so is there a related verb in Italian? It's not one that I recognise.

Thanks :)
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    That verb derives from Latin "excitare", which among its various meanings had "to wake up". While the same verb in Italian evolved as "eccitare" (to excite).


    In Sardinian language we use the same verb to say "to wake up"

    Latin -> Sardinian : excitare -> ischidare (to wake up)

    Comparison :
    • Italian : svegliandomi
    • Neapolitan : scetánnome
    • Sardinian : ischidéndemi
    Verb conjugation :

    Latin - Sardinian
    excĭto - ischído
    excĭtas - ischídas
    excĭtat - ischídat
    excĭtāmus - ischidámus
    excĭtātis - ischidádes
    excĭtant - ischídan
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