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  1. stelingo

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    United Kingdom
    How do you say X is near Y/X is far from Y?

    For example: My house is near the supermarket. My house is far from the supermarket.


    Thanks in advance.
  2. xiaolijie

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    English (UK)
    You sentences need changing a bit. You can say: 我家离超市不远/很近. But since in China, a corner shop is also a 超市 and they are everywhere, people don't normally say 我家离超市不远/很近. It'd be more typical to say something like: 我家离医院/学校不远/很近
    If you still want to say your house is near a supermarket, you may say something like: 我家附近有一家超市= There is a supermarket near my house.
  3. stelingo

    stelingo Senior Member

    United Kingdom
    The place in my example isn't important, my question was more about the structure near/far from.

    Is this sentence correct?


    Bolton is near Manchester.
  4. tarlou Senior Member

    We usually don't use 我的房子 in Chinese. 我家, as in the post by xiaolijie, is typically used.

    我家在超市附近 is fine.

    我家在离超市远 has some problems. First 在 should be removed. Second a single 远 does not sound good. 我家离超市远 我家离超市比较远 are both fine.

    离...附近 is not good. 博尔顿在曼彻斯特附近 is correct.

    在...附近 离...很远/很近/etc are correct structures.
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  5. stelingo

    stelingo Senior Member

    United Kingdom
    Thank you.....
  6. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese
    No, this is incorrect.

    It's either 博尔顿曼彻斯特不远 or 博尔顿曼彻斯特(的)附近. You can't say 离..附近.

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