nebulous first trimester

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the background information is that this women went through a septic abortion

i don't really understand what the sentence below is trying to say...

please help me...

I was in the
nebulous first trimester: indeed a baby, but also still part projection where there is no shared handbook.

<<Source: New York Times Mother Lode blog by Mary K. Moore.>>
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    gimhee, please tell us where your sentence comes from when you ask a question.

    The first trimester is the first three months of pregnancy. I think she is using 'nebulous' to suggest that the pregnancy is at that stage a vague concept, and the baby is not properly formed as a separate being. It's not the clearest piece of writing. More context might make it clearer. You are allowed to quote up to 4 sentences altogether.
    I think she means that in this first trimester, she knows she's pregnant and carrying a baby. But things are hard to define; a woman does not yet 'show' in part of this period, and the sense of 'baby inside' may be murky, a kind of projection. Later in a pregnancy, she would have a clearer sense
    of 'baby inside.' The social rules are well defined for 'loss of a baby' and people think of someone farther along, e.g. 18 weeks.
    She doesn't know how sad to feel over loss of a tiny fetus.
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