necesidades fisiológicas

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    tengo esta oracion:
    "La vivienda no tienen agua potable, electricidad, baño y sobre todo letrina por lo que la familia se ve en la necesidad de hacer sus necesidades fisiológicas al aire libre."

    yo tengo , "the house has no running water, electricity, bathroom and no latrine, therefore the family goes out on the open to go to the bathroom."

    como dirian hacer sus necesidades fisiologicas, en vez de go to the bathroom.


  2. mrbilal87

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    Aquí se puede decir:

    The house has no running water, no electricity, no bathroom and no toilet; therefore, the family must answer nature's call / do their business outdoors.

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    Aquí tengo una pregunta.. si quiero traducir ''sus necesidades fisiológicas" (es decir a modo sustantivo) cómo hago!!! debo traducir ''haga sus necesidades fisiológicas lejos del río"

    muchísimas gracias!!

    Hi there!!

    How would you say the noun for ''the nature's call'' as written above? i have to use it in a phrase that says "do your ...... away from the river"

    many thanks!
  4. mrbilal87

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    As mentioned in my previous post, "do your business far (away) from the river" could work in this context.

    Also, I may point out that "away" alone suggests that you may still be near the river but are not facing it. Perhaps "far (away)" would be better in this context?
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