necks cringing from the pit roof, shoulders Out of shape

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Here are some words from the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover(para. 115, chapter 11) by Lawrence(the University of Adelaide,here):
(background: Connie was on her way back from a travel in a car. The following was what she saw)
The world was so complicated and weird and gruesome! The common people were so many, and really so terrible. So shethought as she was going home, and saw the colliers trailing from the pits, grey-black, distorted, one shoulder higher than the other, slurring their heavy ironshod boots. Underground grey faces, whites of eyes rolling, necks cringing from the pit roof, shoulders Out of shape. Men, men!

What does pit roof refer to please?
I decide it is something on the ground rather than underground, because Connie was watching in a car and she could see whites of eyes.
And what does out of shape mean?
Thank you in advance
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    "The pit roof" refers to the roof of the tunnel in which they had been working. Their necks were still showing the effects of working underground in cramped conditions.
    "Out of shape" means "misshapen", "distorted". It describes the men's shoulders.
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