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    The word gedenken means to commemorate. I just did a google search and I could not find any hymns with the name 'Nederlandtsch Gedenckclanck' and it appears to be the name of a collection of poems and songs on the 80 years war. The collection was published in 1626, one year after the death of the author Adrianus Valerius. It also contains the Wilhelmus, which has gone on to become the national anthem of the Netherlands. I would translate Nederlandtsch Gedenckclanck in English as Dutch songs of commemoration. Another well-known song from the collection is Wilt heden nu treden (We Gather Together) and I have a feeling that this is actually the song you're looking for. See also:
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    Thanks a lot for your help! That's very helpful. I really appreciated it.

    The song is mentioned in the novel The Orphanmaster by Jean Zimmerman.

    Two sisters in the group, Tryntie and Aleida Bout, sang a hymn of thanks, "Nederlandtsche Gedenckclank," a new anthem celebrating the Protestant victory over the Spanigh Catholics in Holland.
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