Need help understanding what is said and what was meant

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E dureros ca nati fost impreuna
Taci Richard poate veti impaca o tio propus sa luati alta casa tu nai brut

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E dureros că n-ați fost împreună.
Taci Richard, poate o/vă veți împăca, ți-a propus să luați altă casă (și?) tu n-ai vrut.
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    Erm, honestly that is absolutely terrible grammar and spelling, it makes it almost incomprehensible to a native Romanian speaker. :eek:

    Literally it sort of means

    "It's painful that you were not together.
    Hush, Richard, maybe you'll make up (? or appease her?), s/he/ suggested getting a different house but you didn't want to"

    The "you" is a plural "you", meaning you and X will make up, or you and X will appease Y, not sure.
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