Need help with 골난초의 토밥, and 배로 넣고


Hi, can anyone help with this sentence? I'm trying to translate it, but had little success looking up the words in Naver and Google.

고량주의 주박이나 약주의 주박에 전나무, 소나무, 잣나무, 마가나무, 골난초의 토밥을 주박의 배로 넣고 밀폐된 지하에서 15일 이상 두고 이것을 증류하여 소주를 내린다.

Here is my rough translation so far:
The fruit of a fir tree, pine tree, nut pine tree, rowan tree, or gollancho ui tobap are added to the lees remaining after the making of kaoliang liquor or yakju and then placed into a sealed hole in the ground for 15 days or more, the result of which is then distilled.

I can't find a definition 토밥 in Naver, and when I google it, I just find a reference to 토밥 소주, with no hanja. Is 토 maybe ? And 밥 rice--so the drink might be called "Native Rice Liquor?" Sounds odd.

Also can't find 골난초. 난초 means orchid, but..... 골난초 "cave orchid?" That doesn't make sense.

There are so many words that 배 could mean. In this case could it be

배로 焙爐
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    a drier; a toaster; [제다(製茶)의] a tea drier[heater, toaster].
(Naver Kor-En dictionary)

Thanks for any help. =)
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