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Hi all:) Since English is not my native language and I'm not perfect with it's punctuation, I need a little help with commas placement. And I have two questions.

1) So I'm organizing my iPod library and making playlists for songs that were not released on albums along the way. I use the band's name and the word "other" to name those playlists.. For example - "Rush Other", "The Prodigy Other" and so on. My question is - do I need to use comma in two-word sentences like this, or are they fine as they are now?

2) Again concerning my music library. I have quite a lot of bootlegs so they need to be named as well. What's the correct comma usage -

"Live in Tokyo, May 16, 2002"


"Live in Tokyo May 16, 2002"?

Many thanks in advance:)
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    Welcome to the forum, Cronge. :)

    These aren't sentences; they're just two-word notations. And it doesn't matter how, or if, you punctuate them, since these lists are just for your own personal use. Use whatever punctuation (or none at all) that will be understandable to you.
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