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I am not sure which one will put in the gap. Please help me.
I chose "c" required.
"We must do all that are law."
a. needed
b. organized
c. required
d. answered
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    I agree, but the sentence sounds awkward with "are". "We must do all that is required by law." sounds a bit better to me. Maybe "We must do all things that are required by law."


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    The law does not need things from us.
    The law requires things from us, and we need to meet those requirements.

    I need water to survive. It is my problem to make sure I get water. If I choose not to drink, I die, and it is my fault.

    The law requires that I pay taxes. It is not the law's problem if I do not pay taxes, it is mine. If I do not meet the law's requirement, it is me that suffers, not the law.
    Hi mimi2, the way I look at it is that laws and other inanimate things don't have needs (people do, like water, shelter, etc.), but laws do require people to do things and thus they have requirements.
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