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Ciao a tutti.

Se needle significa ago e felt feltro devo dedurre che needle felt significa feltro cucito, feltro all'uncinetto?

Si riferisce a dei tappetini per auto.

Grazie a tutti per l'aiuto.
  • cnith

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    I'm not sure if you are asking what I think you're asking so here's my explanation.

    Needle felting is an art form. To needle felt means to felt something with a needle. Ie. loose wool fibers made into a purse, a doll, a horse, etc.

    It's harder than knitting a piece then felting it because you only use a felting needle and a sponge or brush. You have to punch the fibers into submission. (ie. making them bind together.)

    I hope that helps you. If not, I do apologize. My Italian is very rusty! :(


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    Grazie infinite per l'aiuto ma:

    Per brian: come ti suona "tappetini di feltro agugliato"?
    Per cnith: I checked in google before asking a translation. I understood a bit more about this kind of art but I was missing a comprehensible translation.

    I'm joking, obviously.
    I hope somebody already run into this strange type of floor mats and can help me/us.
    Have a nice day.
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