negation of complex verbs

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Hi everyone.

My spoken Mandarin has gotten better in the month or so that I have been spending in China. One topic eludes me those- the negation of complex verbs. I mean verbs that take a -de- structure, like

ting-de-dong (understand)
zhao-de-dao (find)

My question is how to negate in the past- "I didn't understand" or "I didn't find"... this seems to be a problem. How would I do this?

As my Hanzi knowledge is still limited- can answers be in Pinyin please?

Xie Xie
  • xiaolijie

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    English (UK)
    Past negative of potential complement structures:

    ting-de-dong (understand) >> mei-ting-dong
    zhao-de-dao (find) >> mei-zhao-dao


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    US - English
    Present negative of potential complement structures:

    ting-de-dong (understand) >> ting-bu-dong
    zhao-de-dao (find) >> zhao-bu-dao

    Just adding this, even though your English sentences were in the past. :)
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