neglected (for) many years


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could you please help me with the following sentence:
The building was neglected for many years but now it's being restored.
Is it correct to say "for many years" or do I have to say:
The building was neglected many years but now it's being restored.

Thank you.
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    Hi, Arcona.

    I think you need "for" in that phrase. I wouldn't deliberately*use the second version in my own speech or writing, but I've heard similar sentences in the speech of others.

    The omission of "for" sounds like one of many omissions of little words that people make when they aren't thinking carefully about how they are phrasing things.

    * I might do this accidentally from time to time. If I do, I haven't noticed it.

    The omission of the preposition seems a little more likely in this sentence: She lived five years in California.
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