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I'm new. I would like to know how to say the word for snow "neige". I'm not familiar with French at all but would like to know how to pronounce this word. Can anyone help? Thanks, esselle
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    Welcome to WR, esselle!

    You want to know how to pronounce a French word? If so, perhaps a moderator can move this to the French-English forum. I'm sure they speak English there, too :)

    I hope you enjoy your experience here. This forum is wonderful!



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    Hi esselle,

    Welcome to the forums! I have moved your thread to the French-English forum, where you'll most likely garner more responses.

    Neige is pronounced with a short "e" as in "nest" and a soft, gliding "g" - that sounds somewhat like "zsh." In other words, nezzsh.


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    In the Resource sticky thread, on in the 2nd post, you'll find links to speech synthesizers that can pronounce French words.
    From there, you'll be able to hear how this word is pronounced.