neighbors pounding the pavements with flyers

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Dear all,
Could you please help me out with a difficulty in the novel by Dennis Lehane 'Gone, Baby, Gone'?

As the search for Amanda dragged on, the newscasts showed numbingly similar footage of Helene’s house, Helene herself being interviewed, Broussard or Poole giving statements, neighbors pounding the pavements with flyers…

Four-year-old Amanda is missing from home. Broussard and Poole are police detectives responsible for her search.

Does the narrator mean Helene’s neighbors bestrew the pavement with the flyers? This is a pure guess but all the rest of the meanings of 'pound' do not suit. I wonder what else the neighbors could do with flyers?
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    Hullo Alex. It just means all the neighbours are walking round the neighbourhood (pounding the pavements) handing out flyers to passers-by and/or posting them through letter-boxes, etc.:)

    pound the pavement = 'walk the streets'
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