neither of you is/ are...


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I read from grammar book that neither is usually following by single verb form while none both single or pural.
Then, I wonder: (1) Neither of them is correct.
(2) None of them is/ are correct.
Last but not the least (3) Neither of you is right.
The first two sentenses are Ok to me, but the third sounds strange. Because "Neither of you" is still "one of you", and the subject is still "you", so do you say " Neither of you are right"?
Please tell me the formal use in your country.(of course, English-speaking country)

Thanks a lot!
  • boozer

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    I would still say "neither of you is right". Just like I would say "All I want is you" :)
    PS. Because "neither" is "not either", i.e. "not one of the two"