neolatinfundista [neolatifundista] - estos neolatinfundistas mineros


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Okay, so the original phrase is:

el acaparamiento de tal superficie concesionada por parte de estos "neolatinfundistas mineros"

So I was thinking of something like the new mining landholders which hoard land concessions...

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance
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    Un latifundio es una explotación agraria de gran extensión que puede ser tanto de propiedad privada como de propiedad pública —aunque lo habitual es que sea de propiedad privada—. ... En resumen, los latifundios son grandes porciones de terrenos en los que se desarrollan actividades agropecuarias.

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    Yet more questions:
    Is the term used in contemporary Spanish or is the original text historic?
    Does the term have a negative connotation?

    Need more context.


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    Hi, thanks for the answers. It is contemporary, it refers to the majority of mining companies currently in the country who have acquired large swaths of land for exploitation.

    And sorry for the typo. Muscle memory from writing Latin America and related terms (in my mind I know there is no ¨n¨ but my fingers keep writing it).
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